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Acid Dyes
The Acid Dyes work in water, many choose to activate dyes in acid dye-baths instead. The dyes are typically used to dye natural protein (wool and silk), synthetic polyamide (nylon) and to a small extent acrylics and blends of these fibres.
Fluorescent Pigments
There are Fluorescent Pigments offered by us that are composed of dyed organic polymers that are formulated to be solvents for the fluorescence dyestuff. They are fluorescent because, upon absorbing light, they instantly emit light at a longer wavelength than the light absorbed.
Textile Chemicals
The Textile Chemicals are specialty synthetic compounds used in the manufacturing of textile products, adjusting the quality and appearance of the product attaining desired results. Textile specialty chemicals also used for dyeing, printing and finishing stages of textile manufacturing.
Anti Static Oil
There are Anti Static Oil offered by us that is applied to yarn on looms, in order to lubricate and smoothen the hairiness of yarn and eliminate static electricity during textile production, by reducing yarn-to-yarn and yarn-to-metal friction, for higher loom efficiency. 
Penetrating Agent
We are offering here the Penetrating Agent is a low-viscosity, petroleum-based lubricant. The best penetrating oil does usually have low viscosity. It not only can be used in desizing, fine practice before, mercerizing and bleaching process of textile processing.
Hand Wash
Hand Wash is non-toxic and biodegradable, but hand wash is actually classified as a detergent. The soap is made with plant-derived ingredients, and is free of harsh chemicals that may cause allergies. 
Detergent Powder
A Detergent Powder can be used in a washing machine or for manual washing. However, its commonly used as a synonym for laundry detergent. Its a popular and affordable option for cleaning fabrics.